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Best Blender 3D Animation Full Course Free (Project Based)

blender 3d animaton

🟥 What you’ll learn:

  • –> Learn the basics of Modelling in Blender 3D with a Project-based approach
  • –> Learn the basics of Texturing in Blender 3D with a Project-based approach
  • –> Learn the basics of Lighting in Blender 3D with a Project-based approach
  • –> Learn the basics of Animation in Blender 3D with a Project-based approach
  • –> Learn the basics of Rendering in Blender 3D with a Project-based approach
  • Requirements:
  • No Blender or any other software experience is required.

Blender 3d Animation Course Free

This course covers the essential aspects of Blender 3D, beginning with an introduction to the software and its basics. It progresses through hands-on projects, including creating cartoon-style robots and bears, designing interior apartment spaces, rendering kitchen and bedroom interiors, and mastering product visualizations for shoes, perfume, headphones, watches, and cars in both cartoon and realistic styles.

The course also explores dynamic animations, such as McLaren and vintage car animations, along with specialized topics like car rendering at night. Additionally, it delves into the fascinating realm of visual effects (VFX) with projects involving a robot spider and a laptop. The curriculum concludes with a module on crafting expressive 3D cursive text. Join us for a comprehensive journey through Blender 3D, unlocking skills in modeling, rendering, animation, and visual effects.

  1. Introduction
    • Overview of the Course
    • Expectations and Goals
  2. Basics of Blender 3D
    • Understanding Blender’s Interface
    • Navigation Controls
    • Essential Modeling Techniques
  3. Robot Cartoon Project
    • Creating a Cartoon-style Robot Character
    • Animation Basics for Character Movement
  4. Bear Cartoon Project
    • Designing a Whimsical Bear Character
    • Animated Movements for the Bear
  5. Interior Apartment
    • Architectural Modeling for Realistic Interiors
    • Texturing and Lighting for Interior Spaces
  6. Kitchen Interior Render
    • Specifics of Kitchen Design and Modeling
    • Rendering Realistic Kitchen Interiors
  7. Bedroom Interior Render
    • Designing and Modeling a Bedroom Environment
    • Techniques for Rendering Bedroom Interiors
  8. Shoe Lighting
    • Product Lighting Techniques for Shoes
    • Creating Visually Appealing Shoe Renders
  9. Perfume Product Visualization
    • Artistic Presentation of Perfume Products
    • Visualization Techniques for Perfume Bottles
  10. Headphones Product Visualization
    • Designing and Presenting Headphone Products
    • Visual Techniques for Headphone Renders
  11. Watch Product Visualization
    • Modeling and Showcasing Watches
    • Visualization Strategies for Watch Products
  12. Car Modeling (Cartoon Style)
    • Creating Cartoon-style Cars
    • Techniques for Modeling and Animation
  13. McLaren Animation
    • Animating a McLaren Car Model
    • Dynamic Visualization for High-performance Cars
  14. Vintage Car Animation
    • Animation Techniques for Vintage Cars
    • Bringing Classic Cars to Life
  15. Car Render at Night Time
    • Specialized Rendering for Nighttime Car Scenes
    • Illumination Strategies for Realistic Night Renders
  16. VFX 01: Robot Spider
    • Visual Effects for a Spider Robot
    • Integrating CGI Elements into Real-world Video
  17. VFX 02: Laptop
    • Visual Effects for a Laptop Scene
    • Creating Realistic Interactions with Virtual Objects
  18. Cursive 3D Text
    • Crafting 3D Text in Cursive Style
    • Techniques for Dynamic and Expressive Text Rendering

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