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3D Animation Course Blender

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About Course

Unlock the world of 3D animation with our comprehensive course covering essential concepts and practical skills using Blender, the industry-standard open-source software. From mastering Blender shortcuts and basic concepts to creating dynamic animations, this course guides you through a structured curriculum designed for both beginners and intermediate users.

Course Curriculum Highlights:

  1. Blender Shortcuts and Basic Concepts:
    • Learn the key shortcuts and foundational concepts for efficient navigation and modeling in Blender.
  2. Bouncing Ball Animation:
    • Dive into animation principles through the classic bouncing ball exercise, grasping concepts like squash and stretch.
  3. Ball with Tail:
    • Expand your skills by incorporating secondary motion, introducing the concept of a tail following a bouncing ball.
  4. Analyzing & Using References:
    • Understand the importance of real-world references and how to analyze them for more lifelike animations.
  5. Timing & Spacing:
    • Master the art of timing and spacing to control the speed and rhythm of your animations.
  6. Reading the Graph Editor:
    • Delve into the Graph Editor to fine-tune animation curves and achieve smoother transitions.
  7. Jump – Animation:
    • Explore the nuances of creating convincing jumping animations, covering takeoff, mid-air, and landing phases.
  8. Walk Cycle (Robot):
    • Design a mechanical walk cycle for a robot character, focusing on precision and realistic movement.
  9. Camera Rigs:
    • Learn techniques to control and animate cameras for dynamic and engaging shots.
  10. Role of Lights in 3D Animation:
    • Understand how lights influence mood, atmosphere, and visibility in a 3D scene.
  11. Weight Shift – Animation:
    • Dive into character animation by mastering realistic weight distribution during movements.
  12. Making a 3D Story:
    • Combine animation, camera work, and narrative elements to craft compelling 3D stories.
  13. 3D Camera Animation:
    • Elevate your skills with advanced camera animation techniques to enhance storytelling.

Whether you’re a beginner eager to enter the world of 3D animation or an intermediate user looking to refine your skills, this course provides a solid foundation and practical insights to bring your creative visions to life in the dynamic realm of 3D animation.

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Course Content

Blender Shortcuts and And all the basic concepts(Blender-Basic)

Bouncing Ball Animation

Ball with Tail

Everything Is a Bouncing Ball OR a Seaweed

How to Analyze & Use References

Timming & Spacing

How To Read The Graph Editor

Jump – Animation

Walk Cycle (Robot)

Camera Rigs

What is the role of lights in 3D animation

Weight Shift – Animation

How to make a 3D story

3D Camera Animation

Rendering Compositing Editing

Freelancing Guideline

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